Mahjong Match Free App Reviews

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Iv had better

I like it when u can chang pattern or when u can stop, save, and get back to it. Also it the touchablity is tough. I would also like to win once in a while. I hate apps with ad bars, they're anoying when u accedently push them. I know ur trying to sell but come on!

it could be better

ive had this app for about 2 months now. it needs some updates for sure. it needs a reshuffle or even a holding space to hold unmatched tiles. i would like to see a save game option. im looking for the mahjong II that Leungs has created. i havent found it yet. I will delete this current to take the number two game.

Needs updates

I like it but it would be nice if it would have a pause button and be able to continue where u left off if you get a call or something you loose you game

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